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Islamabad Campus (SEAS) To achieve its ambitious goals, SEAS aims to foster an extremely congenial and conducive environment to develop the natural faculties of the young budding scholars. SEAS is determined to provide all possible facilities in terms of equipment and faculty so that students feel motivated and stimulated during their learning phase.
Islamabad Campus (SEAS) The School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) aims to breed a generation of young and dynamic scientists that can plug into the frontiers of Research at the global level. They can look into the unorthodox, unconventional and untrodden fields of research to shape the futurists of the globe.
School of Rehabilitation Sciences (ISRS) The vision of School of Rehabilitation Science (ISRS) at ISRA University is to prepare outstanding rehabilitation practitioners to become leaders in their respective fields as educators and scholars who are capable of completing and communicating unique independent research & practice that contributes to the advancement of their profession.

ISRA Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (IIRS)

The ISRA Institute of Rehabilitation Science (IIRS) aims to produce competent rehabilitation practitioners who are capable of conducting unique and independent research. The institute promotes critical thinking and inquiry to foster an environment of research and academic learning. Its programs have been designed to meet the growing demand of the populace in rehabilitating patients suffering from injuries and disabilities. Its graduates are equipped with the skills and aptitude to provide effective care in restoring body functions, improving mobility, relieving pain and contributing towards a better life style for the patients.


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